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Q-Wiz / TASR System

This complete system provides versatile high performance 4 channel bio- and neurofeedback suitable for clinicians as well as trainers in meditation or performance arts, or for those who want to monitor and regulate their own physiology. This kit provides the basics for providing standard neurofeedback as well as the new theta-alpha-gamma synchrony (TAG Sync) and TASR system (Technology-Assisted Self-Regulation / Self-Realization). The amplifier also provides HEG (hemoencephalography) and EMG (electromyography). Your kit includes one 4-Channel Q-Wiz Amplifier, seven 100cm silver electrodes, Bioexplorer Hasp, TAG Sync Suite, plus free upgrade to TASR. A USB cable is included. You need only a computer and conductive paste to set up your workstation. This complete 4 channel solution is available for  $ 1875.00 USD plus shipping. California sales tax applies to California residents. Please check back soon for more options and information. Last modified: July 2017
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