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Legal Matters: TAG Sync screens, designs, channel sets, and documents are protected by United States laws regarding copyright, service and trade mark, and intellectual property. By purchasing and/or accepting in any fashion any of the TAG Sync designs or files, or any product from “A Matter of Mind” or Mindsupplies.com, you agree to the following: 1) You have a license to use these materials on no more than two computers at separate times. Your license is only valid if you agree to the following: 2) You will not duplicate or reverse engineer these designs, nor enable others to do so. 3) You will not enable other individuals access to copy or reverse engineer these files. 4) You agree to hold Douglas Dailey and “A Matter of Mind”® not responsible for any losses or damages resulting from the use of these products. 5) You agree to use these products in accordance with all state and federal laws as well as any codes regarding your professional practice. Specifically included are laws governing protection of copyrights and intellectual property. A great deal of time and effort has gone into making the TAG Sync approach to technology-assisted self-regulation (TASR) available on the major neurofeedback platforms. In general, these designs are incapable of being used to their full potential without understanding the theoretical model with which they were developed.  In general, this is most directly achieved by following the discussions on the TAG Sync website - www.tagsync.com - and by talking with other TAG Sync practitioners. Caution: There are individuals who have attempted to duplicate the look and feel of the TAG Sync screens, including the proprietary (first recorded) use of fine tuning theta and alpha to engender phase resets at select network nodes. Even when these other designs do not smear the phase relationships, the results depend not upon the design but upon the preparation of the operator. This is a brain-computer-brain interface, not a brain-computer interface. It is a hyperbrain network - as it should be. During neurofeedback, dissolution of optimal vigilance can be seen on the spectral display. Some dissolutions may represent dysmaturational states. These dissolutions may be resolved through training the maturational network dynamics which in NFB conspicuously involve theta, alpha and gamma but ultra-slow and diurnal cycles as well. There are reports that gamma should be introduced cautiously in some individuals, particularly if there might be dysmaturation of long distance low frequency networks. Thank you for your support.
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