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Tools for TASR (Technology-Assisted Self-Regulation / Self-Realization)

For Cyberevolution’s BioExplorer, Mind Media’s Nexus 4 & 10, and Thought Technology’s Procomp Infiniti.
This is the official source for software and training for Live Complexity Training (LCT) and TAG Sync (theta-alpha-gamma synchrony) . Both the single and dual channel NFB designs train self-regulation of cross-frequency coupling, synchrony and complexity. Please visit TAG Sync for more information. In Summer 2017 livecomplexitytraining.com will be available. The hardware and software here can also be used for doing many types of standard bio- and neurofeedback protocols.
If this is your visit and you are not acquainted with biofeedback or neurofeedback then you may want to spend a moment looking at the U.S. National Library of Medicine holdings at www.pubmed.gov:
Biofeedback Research Biofeedback Research
LCT / TAG Sync X2 - 2 Channel: Standard LCT / TAG Sync softwareSoftware LCT / TAG Sync X1 - 1 Channel: Single channel LCT / TAG Sync that can also be used for infra/ultra-low frequency NFB, SMR, etc, with dual rewards (for cross-frequency coupling) & peripheral feedback. Audio-Visual (AV) Library: 840 puzzles arranged in 14 topics.
Neurofeedback Research Neurofeedback Research
4-Channel Q-Wiz Amplifier Electrodes & Ten20 Paste BioExplorer LCT & TAG Sync  software Tech Support included 1 Hour consultation included
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